Required Documents

For the citizens of countries in East African Community you will be required to have a valid pass provided by their respective countries.

A valid passport and visa for visitors from the rest of Africa and other continents will be needed.

Medical and Vaccinations

It is highly recommended that visitors from Europe and other continents be diagonised with Anti-Malaria medication. Make sure you visit your doctor for this vital dosage.

Road Safety

It is always advisable to tighten your safety belt all the times and especially on the highways where the vehicle is speeding and also on most of the roads outside cities and towns because they have potholes


Clothing should be light weight, loose-fitting and of "breathable" fabrics, such as cotton. While on safari, only four to five changes of clothes are necessary. For the daytime, shorts and T-shirts are most comfortable. While out in the bush you will find that neutral colors are best as they blend in with the natural surroundings and show the dust least. The nights at the higher elevations can be cool, so you should bring a sweater or jacket.

Food and Water 

Generally tap water is safe to drink in most major African cities. We recommend though that you drink bottled water which is available for purchase in most places. 

Cuisine throughout Africa is outstanding. Meals include full American buffet breakfast with fresh local fruits; safari lunches usually consist of hot and cold buffets and dinners are sit down with an excellent choice of menu items.


No allowed pictures of military installations, police stations, government facilities, airports, border post soldiers or police and even some embassies premises. Always ask before taking photographs of people.


As in most major international cities, sensible security precautions should be taken. Keep a close watch on purses, handbags, wallets and cameras. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry. It is advisable to hire a taxi if you wish to move around at night and for your personal safety, avoid deserted lanes and streets. It is necessary be accompnied by tourist police especially in places you expect to do purchases e.g. maasai markets

Suggested things to pack while on Safari:

  • Three to five changes of casual clothing (shorts, T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, a sweater or jacket, slacks, sports shirts, blouses and a dress.)
  • Two pair of comfortable shoes and a pair of sandals or open shoes.
  • Swim suit and cover-up
  • A Hat
  • Sunglasses (neck string comes in quite handy)
  • Binoculars
  • Small flashlight
  • Sun screen
  • Insect repellent
  • Eye drops
  • Skin and hair moisturizers
  • Personal medications
  • A photo copy of your passport, credit cards, and airline tickets (to be kept separately from the originals)

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